Looking for a Giulietti
(25-05-2019, 02:20 AM)Mike K Wrote:
(12-05-2019, 04:53 PM)gfreed Wrote: Hello, accordionists:

I live in the Boston, MA/USA area and I'm interested in finding a full-size, 4/5 tone-chamber Giulietti piano accordion, such as a Classic, Super or Continental. The tricky part is that it must be a transformer/converter model.  Dry tuning preferred.  Any and all leads appreciated!

Geoff Freed

I have a Continental I might sell but it has the three extra rows, not what I think is a converter model.   https://soundcloud.com/mike-klemen  it is the one on the right on the picture.   Located in Richmond, VA.  The other is a converter but it is my original I have had for about 50 years and plan to keep.   If interested I can send you pictures to your email.

Hi, Mike:

Nice accordions!  The tree extra bassetti rows above the stradella rows are what I am trying to avoid, however, because of the extra stretch involved in reaching both the buttons and the switches.  Trying not to cause left-hand strain, so a true transformer would be ideal.  Thanks!

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