Much tunes from me
Some tunes I played.

Avatar Theme Song - I See You - Leona Lewis

When Johnny Comes Marching Home ("Die Hard")

Sarabande accordion HG II Sammlung II-4 - G. F. Händel

Worms - Theme Song (Accordion cover, different registers)

The Exodus Song (This Land Is Mine)

He's a Pirate - Klaus Badelt - 3 different registers

Bourrée in e minor (complete) Bach BWV996 on accordion

Schön ist die Liebe im Hafen (Bazant) Shanty - Akkordeon

Wat nützt den Seemann de Liebe (Klaus Prigge)

Dunkler Rum (Reinhard Mey)

Abends in der Taverne (Werner Bochmann)

More see:

I play table-soccer too and I find it has also a nice sound, more on my channel  Big Grin
Hello and welcome to the forum. I remember some of your videos from Great playing!
Thank you :-)
I also did some arrangements. Well, they are not really arrangements, it's more like I put them into "Musescore" and give them some fingering and bass descriptions). You can find it here and sometimes in my video descriptions on youtube:
I did some new stuff:

The Road to Lisdoonvarna - Irish Folk - Accordion Akkordeon

The Morning Star - Irish Folk - Accordion Akkordeon

Saint Patrick's Day - Irish Folk - Accordion Akkordeon

A Fig for a Kiss - Irish Folk - Accordion Akkordeon

The Ballydesmond No. 2 - Irish Folk - Accordion Akkordeon (My Favorite!)

Taganka (Таганка) - Accordion Akkordeon (Thanks for nice arrangements from

Hamborger Kedelklopper (Der Stiefelputzer) - Accordion Akkordeon
I record some new stuff 2018 :-)

Glass of Beer - Accordion Akkordeon

Long Live The Nigun - Accordion Akkordeon
I had not come across your music before. The lighter stuff sounds really nice. The baroque pieces (older recordings) like Sarabande sound a bit "rough", not refined as one would imagine in a castle with people in old costumes gracefully dancing to the tunes. Doing baroque music justice on the accordion is a challenge.
Paul De Bra (not Debra...)
Hmm, yes. You could be right. I didn't record it with my little studio mic, so it sounds even rougher.
<QUOTE author="acc2009" post_id="54468" time="1516128922" user_id="956"><s>
acc2009 post_id=54468 time=1516128922 user_id=956 Wrote:Hmm, yes. You could be right. I didn't record it with my little studio mic, so it sounds even rougher.

It's not an issue with the recording. It's how the notes are played, with abrupt ending instead of a soft "release". If you think how it would sound on a violin, or on an organ in a church with a lot of reverb, that's how you should play it (without adding artificial reverb to the notes). An example of how I like baroque to be played: <YOUTUBE id="usx_47Xjgb8" url=""><URL url=""></URL></YOUTUBE>
Paul De Bra (not Debra...)
I should try it, maybe with a 2nd try, it's not so easy to do when you played it long time in your own unique style.
I did some new stuff.

Star Of The County Down

Di Mezinke

Az Der Rebbe Elimelekh
Im kleinen Fährhaus an der Alster - German folk
:ch Your German folk song reminds me of my student time in Germany more than 50 years ago....
Play more! :ch
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12 new tunes from me, it took me several days to get it done (especially video/audio recording and editing):

Church tunes: (That reminds me of a western movie, maybe with Clint Eastwood, but I didn't know which movie that was. Has anyone an idea?)

Gena the crocodile (man, I like this so much that I edited 2 sheets for you to play it your own, see video description)



Slavko Avsenik:
Schön ist die Liebe im Hafen (Bazant) Shanty - 2nd version

Munsters theme, including sheets (After much practice and recordings I decided to upload it. I used two Zoom H1 mics):
Me again :-)

German (Bavarian):
Haushamer Plattler

Bayrischer Ländler

Tegernseer Ländler

Mademoiselle de Paris

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