Collective Nouns.
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Eddy Yates post_id=62415 time=1535724692 user_id=3100 Wrote:A Batch of Beltunas

Not a School of Beltunas?
A hoe of Hohners, perhaps?
Cordially, Tony
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I got nothin’.
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Thank you boys, for entering into the spirit of this thread. You have exceeded my expectations, as I could never have anticipated such silly suggestions. Well Done !!!!

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StargazerTony post_id=62419 time=1535727863 user_id=2434 Wrote:A hoe of Hohners, perhaps?


Would that be a Dutch hoe, a draw hoe, a beet hoe, an onion hoe, or a big 2kg Indian digging hoe?

I keep 5 hoes in my cellar, and none of them ever costs me a cent. The vice squad knows about them but they aren't interested.

I believe the US term "hoe" is probably derived from the English word "whore", but in Scotland we don't pronounce it that way.

We pronounce the word "hooer", which is very close to the US spelling, but sounds nothing like the pronunciation.

I'm waiting for a US tune called "I hoe I hoe, it's off to work I go!", but I don't think anybody will record it.
Try here -
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