Fast talking Strabane man

You may remember the first page of my family history relates to the execution by beheading on 4th March 1684 of one John Richmond, in Glasgow, Scotland, for the crime of being a heretic. He was seized from his farm in Ayrshire and taken to Glasgow for "trial".

His captors were catholic Highland soldiers, born in the same country as he was, but of a different religion. To this day I have a profound hatred of all things Highland, tartan, and all of the cultural aspects associated with the very lifeblood of Scotland.

I am not a member of any Scottish clan, and proud of the fact. I am also intensely proud of my Irish ancestry, some of which was as a direct result of my paternal ancestors having to flee from Scotland to Ireland, in order to keep the heads they were born with on their shoulders.

Scotland is showing a distinct interest in becoming independent these days, and a candidate for EU membership, but there are two things to consider:-

1. The Germans have been forgiven for a few years of blitzing us during WW2, when there were about 10,500 civilian casualties.

2. The English have never been forgiven for all the stuff that has happened from about the 12th century and before, probably causing about the same number of casualties all told.

By that reckoning, it would appear that Scots would prefer to have German rather than English rule.

When I applied to join the Royal Navy one of my Scots/Irish work colleagues declared, "Why do you want to go and work for that old whore, The Queen of England, don't you know she's half German?" I replied "Well at least half of her is forgiven for what happened in the war. It's just the English bit that's the problem!"

On my way home I took in the local Coatbridge graffiti, and saw the letters "FTQ", daubed in green paint in letters two feet high. Somebody had added the name of the local football team preferred by catholic supporters, but in their haste had written "CETLIC". At the next canal bridge the protestants had committed a similar gaffe by spraying "Remember 1960", instead of "1690".

I would have joined anybody's Navy to get away from all that sectarianism, regardless of what service number they gave me.
Hi John,

We are advised not to enter into political debate on this forum, so I shall abide by those rules.

All I will say is this: If people believe all the unsubstantiated rhetoric they hear from the drunk on the next barstool, their political decisions will be based entirely on prejudice.

All The Best, Old Scout.

Hi Stephen,

Sorry, yet again I fell into the "religion and politics" abyss, without even realising I had done so.

In certain areas of the world those very topics are more important than eating or sleeping, and you and I both know what that can lead to.

Some of us become disenchanted with it all and try and find alternative religions to avoid all of the sectarianism. It was suggested to those of us who were so inclined that we may take the lead from other faiths, such as Zoroastrian, where they worship natural elements like fire and water.

However our other obsession with the changeable Scottish weather points firmly to terms such as "Sunni" one minute then "Shiite" the next. I'm sure there may be a religion that could cater for both elements, but have heard there is also considerable bitterness and acrimony between those two versions of that "same" religion.

Therefore, after due consideration, I've just had a look in the mirror and decided I must choose a religion that it is better suited to my whole being.


John the Buddha
Hi John,

I cannot be condemned for commenting on matters religious, as I don't have a religious bone in my body.

Here endeth the lesson.

Kind Regards,


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