fun decorations on accordions
Too itchy for me, but they're having fun with this foxtail like decoration
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Ländlertrio Napfgruess - Gruess vom Saas-Bärg

Fun was and always will be an important element in accordion playing.
The free reed wunderful free reed instruments we play :tup:
I like the bass side decoration on this one -
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you hit the nail on the head

over here the instrument is too much of a 'serious' affair, so youngster will not adopt it easily

in those alpine countries it's the other way around
Call me wild and impetuous but I've decorated my accordion with keys and buttons....and some leather straps, just for a bit of kink
Cordially, Tony
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JIM D. post_id=64068 time=1541519293 user_id=63 Wrote:I like the bass side decoration on this one -
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That was brilliant - to be watched until the end !!
The Russians do have a great sense of humour.
The Russian video is great fun, I had also seen this video. The Russians have a long tradition of accordion circus acts, fun and humor.

I also love this accordion player with her hula hoop acts:
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Eleni Ana Circus - Accordion with Hula Hoops

Never saw this video before, she's so beautiful.
You PA guys are lucky to have her in the PA promotion team.

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