Scandalli Super Six For Sale
PRICE REDUCED - 96 bass Scandalli Super VI piano accordion for sale. It's a lovely instrument which I've owned for 16 years but with advancing years I'm now finding it too heavy. Specification is as follows:

37 treble and 96 bass keys, 4/5 voice
Double octave tuned
Double cassotto
11 treble/5bass couplers
It also has built in microphones and wiring for midi.

Price OFFERS OVER £2600 Buyer to collect (Cambridge)

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Beautiful! Good luck!
Hi CT,

As Tom rightly says: Beautiful. I also wish you luck.

Kind Regards,

Did you buy it new, or do you know how old it is, what does it weigh ?

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Colinm, vignoni 37/96 double cassotto,
I'm the second owner and have had it for about 16 years so don't know the exact age but, from memory, I don't think the previous owner had it for more than about 3-4 years. I believe it weighs around 11kg.
It's gorgeous and I also wish you luck. Are you buying a lighter one?
Yes. As much as I love it, over recent months it was becoming increasingly heavy to carry around, even in a soft gig bag; and yes I have replaced it - with a Zero Sette of the same size and spec. (without microphones and wiring for midi) but weighing slightly less. I couldn't quite bring myself to seriously downsize to a smaller, non-cassotto accordion. I also have a Bugari 34/96 and whilst I like the size and convenience of it I find the restricted keyboard frustrating.
is this still for sale?
(11-04-2019, 11:39 AM)jozz Wrote: is this still for sale?

Hi jazz  Yes it is still for sale but at present I have someone locally who is interested in looking at it.

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