Heaven or hell ?
I know this joke...
but it really isn't fair because playing the accordion is not like hell at all. Repairing one on the other hand... that's hell!
(You could say I'm into self-torture by becoming a repairer...)
Paul De Bra (not Debra...)
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Stephen Hawkins post_id=64460 time=1542839046 user_id=1440 Wrote:Hi John,

I could have happily lived out the rest of my life without seeing that bozo clowning about with an accordion. Tell me, has he escaped from somewhere?

All The Best,



His face is familiar, and he probably escaped from North Lanarkshire, the same as I did. You are so happy you got out you sort of lose your inhibitions, and turn to music as a more subtle way of expressing yourself. I thought you would have recognised Frosini's "Pretty Little Ballerina", as it's a classic where I'm from. Takes about 5 years of serious study to be able to play it at that level.

Don't think I'd have the "pluck" to try the harp at all. As the Irish harp teacher once said in an address to a new class of students:- "The harp is a beautiful instrument in the right hands, but I see you all have left hands as well!"
In Brittany the accordion is known as "boast an diaoul" which means "the devil's box" !!

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