French CBA technique
Hopefully this clip will show how CBA players tackle complicated pieces if they use the older fingering method. 

You should be able to see his thumb flicking on and off the keyboard when required. What should also be apparent is the clumsy looking jumps when moving up and down and across the keyboard. That is a feature of the playing style. Players of other CBA disciplines would usually attempt to "smooth" out some of the jumps by judicious use of alternative fingering, but as usual with CBA there is more than one road.

5 rows are not necessary for French style playing, but do make it easier in certain situations. 

Jacques Guilhamat is a pro player and runs an accordion website dealing with sheet music and CDs in Toulouse.

Some of the sheet music can be viewed/downloaded free, although the tunes will probably not be familiar to most, as a lot of them are of his own composition.

He often appears in duets with his slightly more flamboyant buddy, Jean Delhom, who'll be slightly older than he is. 

Nice to see young guys starting out and keeping the instrument alive. If he keeps up the study he should make a decent player. Jacques never smiles, and I don't think I would either if I was trying to play that "Devil's Mazurka". I wouldn't have the time to smile!

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