teachers in SC?
Hi, I am wondering if there is anyone who lives in South Carolina and wants to teach. I am an advanced player and want to sharpen my playing. I grew up in RI area during the heydays of the accordion, and have since moved down to SC. Unfortunately, there is not much accordion activity here.
I know of no accordion teachers in SC, however, may I suggest lessons via Skype and my teacher, David Mcafee?  I happen to live close enough to him to go to his studio for my lessons but he has many Skype students. He was a student of the late, great Tony Lovello, and a great teacher himself. 


That’s his website. It won’t cost you anything but time to email or talk to him
Cordially, Tony
Artisto, Italian, LMM, 41/120, PA
Warning: Only speaks/understands American English

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