Accordion MIDI conversion
The concept of practicing in silence is not new to me, I've heard many people tout this as a great reason for a digital accordion, but it never really hit home for me until a couple days ago. Due to a change in my work position, I now work from home (first official day is this coming Monday... yay!), and I had the chance to on purpose, practice with headphones for the first time.

Interesting experience! Smile

My mother was watching television, and I had the accordion on the same floor of the house, so I plugged in the headphones in to my 8X and played for an hour or so. For her it was in silence, for me I got the full stereo experience.

She was happy, I was happy... though she did say that seeing me clack around on the accordion without making a sound was amusing for her... lol.

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Glad you got it all sorted and more importantly works for you. Roy is a dab hand with all things electronic.

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