Articles on accordion pedagogy
Perhaps you have already seen this on the Pigini website, in the Modern Accordion Perspectives series 4 volumes are online:


Volume 3 is about international accordion pedagogy

"Edited by Claudio Jacomucci, “An International overview of Accordion Pedagogy” represents the excellence of classical accordion on an international scale reflecting on the perspectives of today’s accordionists.

This book contains a series of articles written by famous pedagogues, concertists and young talents on the delicate theme of teaching."

Who knows, maybe in the future we will see a volume in this series about CBA methods/tutorials, or a volume on fingering theories and best practices on the CBA ?? I do hope so.

Because we need some more input from the community of international professional accordion teachers to inform the CBA and PA learners.

This series is also available for pdf download, take a look at these interesting publications !
The authors are a selection experienced accordion teachers.
Fascinating... and I learned about a few more classical accordion players from this that I never knew about previously... and some even have YouTube videos... awsome!

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I like the international aspect of the contributing authors in the Modern Accordion Perspectives' series.
Authors from lots of countries.

Accordion teachers can consult with collegues from other countries, learn from best practices, compare didactics & pedagogy, ...

And their findings are published online, available for the entire accordion community!

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