Guerrini Polka King 630 crystal edition £1100
Guerrini Polk King model 630 crystal edition,musette tuned. In excellent cosmetic and playing condition,with no hidden expences.Guerrini was a top end accordion maker who also made Sonola accordions.High end instrument. The best of materials were used, having tipo amano reeds, and seasoned hardwood throughout.there are 4 reeds to the treble with authentic 3 middle musette,so excellent for Scottish or continental music. 5 reeds to the bass.7 couplers treble,5 bass.The bass side uses a Helicon system in one set of reeds, which gives a deep punchy bass that is quick reacting,particularly good for Polka bass lines,selectable on bass couplers.The same model could also be bought with 9 couplers but it was the same machine but with 2 repeats.This one has a palm master switch.It is decorated with crystals.Comes with the original heavy case.To buy one of similar quality Italian these days costs over £5000.One the same as this just sold secondhand from an accordion shop at £1750.The straps may need replaced. 11.8kilos uncased.This is a unique instrument,having both standard, and Helicon bass gives it a wide range of uses.The musette is particularly wet, good for Scottish and continental folk.There are demonstrations on youtube that show the difference between the standard bass, and the deep resonant bass of a Helicon.The Helicon(Helikon) is good for Polka and 'oompa' type music.Rather than having two instruments for the different types of bass line, this model combines both.Current Italian models of similar quality,Scandalli,Bugari,Beltuna. ( a Beltuna 34 key 96 bass with Hilicon bass cost £4999, a Scandalli is also £5000).
If you are looking for a top quality professional instrument without paying top price, this is a bargain.All Hohners models for instance, under £4000, are now made in China ,as are some Italian names,to keep costs down. This Guerrini is a no compromise Italian hand made instrument.
A short clip can be found on youtube under Sonola Polka King, this is a 9 coupler,but the same instrument.There are other clips under Geurinni Polka King on youtube.One although not brilliant, briefly shows the Helicon,which is on the second lowest coupler, entitled 
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