USB organising
For those of you that use backing tracks on your FR8x what have you found the best way to organise them on your USB? Putting them into folders of genre or leaving them all in root. 
And using lists, what suggestions would you give.
Per FAT32 limitations, you can only place 256 items in the root. Placing them in a folder removes that limitation. I'd suggest the following:

1 - Create a folder, call it anything... "1" or "tracks" or "Backing"... whatever, its not important.
2 - Rename your tracks as such: "1-name of song", "2-name of song", etc...
3 - As an option, all "1" songs are of a certain genre, "2" songs are of another.

Me, I would organize them in the order I want to play... 1, 2, 3, etc... but that's me.

Of course, there is NOTHING stropping you from using a 32gb drive and having 10 folders, each with all my songs but organized in different ways, that way if I want to play a certain order, go to the folder called "In-Order" or if I want to go by genre, go to the folder called "By-Genre".

That's the good thing about backing tracks... created properly they are small and on a (no bigger than) 32gb drive, you can place several thousand tracks on them.

In the end, however, just place them in the order that YOU need them... that's my real recommendation. Smile Smile

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Thanks. Is it possible to use levels of folders? Eg. /Genre>Artist
Sure! Just know that it is going to take you a few extra seconds to navigate down there. The more levels, the more time it takes. Is it a lot of time? Not really... but is an extra 5-10 seconds waiting time comfortable to make the audience wait?

For me, it's a bit too long. Is that something that you want during a performance? Thats why if I was to do this, I would organize beforehand so that all I do is go to the next song in the list of tracks, which, of course is also an option, to have a pre-defined list of songs in the order you want.

That is all your decision. Smile

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