Three row chromatic fingering?
(16-01-2020, 05:52 PM)Glug Wrote: It doesn't make much difference if you disconnect the bellows at the bass or treble side, you still get access to both ends, you just need a longer screwdriver Smile

I always end up taking the reed blocks out so I can put masking tape under them to measure the tuning.
It also allows me to document which key plays which reed so I know where to look if a problem shows up.
And that's the only way I worked out exactly what the bass couplers do on my main box.

Once you've done it once you will see how easy it is.

Ah, OK. I assumed the bellows themselves would be in the way. 

I have much to learn :Smile

I've removed about 20 of the base button tops so far. I'm going slowly with a pair of screw pliers and a small improvised silicone grip protector. Not as good as a collet, but I'm taking it slow, and taking a break every few buttons so my mind and eyes are fresh each time. I've only found one really stubbon one so far, which I'll come back to later. I may need a separate set of pliers to carefully grip the stem too, as it's torqueing the pushrods more than I'm comfortable with. I'lll save all those problematic ones while last.

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