Brazilian tunebooks
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Lots of Brazilian sheet music. (edit=) About 1200 tunes.
"Partituras Brasileiras Online – Música Popular – Vol. 8" is more specifically about gaita/sanfona/accordion.
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Kind of like Brazilian Fake Books! Smile

Nice find!

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Thank you for this information!
Thanks for this. I sent the link on to a bunch of my Brazilian music fanatics.
Bugari “Blue 72”, Tiger Combo ‘Cordeon, Iorio Concert Accorgan G Series (electronics removed), Hohner 1974 Melodica (Piano 36)
Not being familiar with the accordion music of Brazil I would be interested to know if any of these tunes in book 8 might be considered to be "standards" ( to those of us who can claim familiarity with this genre! ). Any ideas please, if not in the book but in general?
Well ... Vol 8 is mostly northeastern, and my very modest familiarity with Brazilian music tends to lie elsewhere. But my impression is that the really familiar popular tunes from that genre aren't here. "Asa Branca", for example. I see that "Caruaru de Camarão" is represented on a couple youtube recordings, at least, so it isn't completely obscure, and it's a nice example of that style.

Not all northeastern, though! Not only had I never heard of the tune or the composer, I don't recall that I've ever heard anything like this: Pra Ti Guira, Gilberto Monteiro. Sort of a sweet, mellow 6/8 with the beat on 2 and 5. A good example of the general case: the sheet music offers little clue as to what this one sounds in the wild.

And of course there's the other books, if by "standard" you mean familiar popular music.
Another site with hundreds (or thousands) of sheetmusic may or may not have more popular or more known tunes, but maybe not fully legal, or yes.

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Then you go to "POR GÊNERO" and here you can find lots of typical brazilian tunes: Baião, Bossa Nova, Brega, Choro, Forró, Frevo, Maxixe, MPB, Pagode, Samba, Sertanejo, Xote, and more ...

Several versions of "Asa Branca" and "Xote das Meninas" ...

The FUNARTE volumes may not have too many popular tunes, because the composers may not want to see their best sheetmusic published in a free volume ... maybe other causes, who knows ...
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