Getting ready for gig amid pandemic
The Edelweiss Biergarten is opening on Monday 11 am. Will play only Friday to start and go from there. We do not know what the outcome will be? Many other restaurants opening in Arizona. Tables 6 feet apart and performing in the Biergarten outside.
Excited to use the Korg pa1000 arranger for the first time as backing for accordion! Plan on not strolling tables, just perform on stage. So thinking of using shure sm58 or 87a wired mic, stay with wireless midi and audio on accordion.
“Live Music is Best”
At last! Wink

Good news! Smile
Good luck with the gig …...let us know how it goes …..take great care !!!
Good luck!
Update on gig... played in the Edelweiss Biergarten for the First time since March 15th. Not packed, but had a dozen or so tables of the regulars. Played 6-9 and added some classic rock which was appreciated. Used my Korg PA3x for backing, works well in the outdoor environment.
Bk-7m does a good job when inside performing. Going to keep the newer arranger pa1000 at home for now, still setting it up. The nice thing have the outdoor equipment on a roller table and cover it with a large waterproof grill cover. So do not have to lug around.
So it looks like will be gigging Friday and Saturday for a couple weeks...Hard to predict too far ahead.
The customers seemed comfortable and the bar inside was pretty full. Tables are spread out more. But I like the outdoor environment, can open up more with performing. The Phoenix heat was not too bad, very comfortable after 7 PM after sunset...but well in a covered area...
...right shoulder a little sore tonight! Have to check my playing position again and adjust...?
Hope to get some video and more shots of how equipped.
“Live Music is Best”
Sounds like it's working! Happy for you! So fr nothing happening here.

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