Le jour d'avant - new video
Hi! Today I uploaded my second video, in which I play one of my favourite pieces of music - Le jour d'avant. Two months after the Vienna blood waltz, I finally managed to make it look and sound as close to the the thing that I wanted  Wink  Let me know what you think!

Here is the link: https://youtu.be/_HALiv2xqes
Well done, Mihail! I don't know this song but your passion definitely shows through. Congrats!
Well done! Smile
Very nice and good video work.
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Cool! how many cameras did you have set up? were they all tripod with motion effect added or was there someone running handheld also? how did you record the audio?
Thanks! We used only one camera. I played the piece several consecutive times with the same bellows changes and we shot it with the camera from 4 different angles. The audio is recorded separately with my home equipment, but I listened to it as I played, so that it is synchronised Smile I watched tutorials on how to make a music video and that is what they showed, so that's why we did it this way. My camera operator is my girlfriend and she has very still hands Big Grin - we don't use a tripod (for now).
Very nice indeed, and beautiful camera (and video) work. Keep them coming.

Simon from the Holy Land
thumbs up from me!
Good going, Mihail!
I really like what I’ve heard of your choice of repertoire.
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I'm grateful for your feedback, gentlemen!

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